Friendly Nutrition is a mindfulness-based practice with a comprehensive, client-centered approach to nutrition and well-being. The guiding principles behind how Friendly Nutrition approaches nutrition and well-being are rooted in weight neutrality and intuitive eating.

Weight neutrality doesn’t mean that your weight concerns are irrelevant. Quite the opposite! I want to hear about your weight concerns, your food concerns, your exercise concerns, your body concerns, and any other concerns that you are willing to share and want to work on. It does mean that an arbitrary number on the scale should not drive your overall health goals.

Utilizing an intuitive eating approach, Friendly Nutrition helps you reclaim your time and energy that has been stolen by diet culture. This approach allows us to get in tune with your body’s inner wisdom so that you eat based on internal cues.

Friendly Nutrition wants to understand YOU! By understanding your values and your ‘why’, we will be able to develop a pattern of healthy habits that let you eat normally and exercise joyfully.

This is not a quick fix method. Breaking free of diet rules, learning to trust your body, and becoming an intuitive eater takes effort. It is a journey…not a sprint. Friendly Nutrition will be there with you every step of the way to support you on this journey.

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