Is this you?

  • You spend a lot of time thinking about what you should eat instead of what you want to eat.
  • You’ve spent years dieting and trying to “fix” your eating habits or your body but nothing works.
  • You’re tired of dieting but don’t what else to do.
  • You spend a lot of time worrying about what you ate.
  • You get anxious thinking about events where there will be food.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder or think you might have an eating disorder.
  • You don’t know how to eat anymore.
  • You feel like you have some weird habits around food or exercise.

If you said “yep, that’s me” then you would benefit from working with Friendly Nutrition.

Friendly Nutrition can help you…

  • Plan meals and snacks to decrease your stress and anxiety.
  • Eat confidently and nourish your body.
  • Learn to listen to your body’s signals about hunger and fullness.
  • Understand how your body and metabolism work.
  • Heal your relationship with food and your body.
  • Learn to trust yourself around food.
  • Understand emotional eating.
  • Learn about nutrition and how to navigate the over-complicated nutrition world.
  • Understand eating disorder thoughts and behaviors.

Friendly Nutrition utilizes a health at every size and intuitive eating approach. These approaches allow for a space that recognizes that health and nutrition are deeply individual and that everyone, no matter what, has the right to pursue health in ways that important and purposeful to them.

Friendly Nutrition has experience and knowledge working with…

  • Intuitive eating
  • Chronic dieting
  • Digestive disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Weight concerns
  • Sports performance
  • General health and wellness
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Free Intro Call

All clients start here. During this 20-minutes free intro call, we’ll chat about your goals and concerns. By the end of this brief time together, we’ll have come up with a plan on what approach will help you create your best life.

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Nutrition Counseling

This 3-month package include: a 60-minute virtual nutrition assessment (60 minutes); 5 virtual follow-up sessions that take place approximately every other week (45 minutes each); tools and resources; chat support for 3-months.

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Eating Disorder Recovery

Friendly Nutrition provides nutrition counseling sessions for individuals who need and want support and guidance in their recovery journey. These sessions are booked in an a la carte style in order to be able to customize sessions to fit your unique needs.

Let’s get started…