Friendly Nutrition Kids

Proper nutrition is very important to a child’s growth and development but raising healthy eaters is a challenge!

Those healthy, yummy foods that you want your child – well, sometimes (most of the time), your child disagrees and wants something else.

Then if you throw in picky eating or a medical condition that affects eating and the whole situation gets frustrating, aggravating, emotional, and exhausting.

Nutrition counseling can help you and your child.

Friendly Nutrition can help you…

  • Introduce solids to your child in a healthy, safe, developmentally appropriate way
  • Navigate the challenges and frustrations of picky eating without making things worse
  • Plan ways to introduce new foods to your child without making meal time a struggle
  • Ensure that your child is getting the nutrition he/she needs to grow and thrive
  • Raise a healthy eater who has a good relationship with food
  • Create a meal plan that doesn’t mean making a different meal for every member of the family
  • Broaden the foods that your extremely picky eater will eat