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I’m Jessica

I’m a Registered Dietitan, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and trained FODMAP coach. I’m here to help you figure out a meal planning rhythm that supports your nutrition goals without being on a diet.

About Me & My Approach

I am passitionate about meal planning. I love helping my clients figure our a meal planning rhythm that provides balance, peace, and joy in eating. I’m passionate about this because I’ve been through it myself…I’ve been stuck in a land of food rules and calorie trackers (aka diet culture) with a fear that what I eat might ruin my stomach (aka my own host of gut issues). I’ve been to doctors who ran tests (including poop tests) and those doctors came back with zero answers and very little suggestions or at least no suggestions that I was on board with…I wasn’t ready or willing for something like a bunch of medications or surgery. So I took my dietitian knowledge and started counseling myself.

I started by re-reading “Intuitive Eating.” I’d read the book once after grad school but didn’t think about it much after that. While re-reading, I started applying the intuitive eating principles to my lived experience and began to see changes in my own relationship with food. But something was still off. So I started exploring more about how digestion really works which helped me figure out the foods that make me feel great and the foods that leave me hoping there’s a bathroom close.

I truly learned that the way our bodies work is fascinating. The way our brains work and intersect with food and digestion is equally fascinating. It’s all very much connected but sometimes that connection is screwed up and broken.

I also found massive value in meal planning. For me, taking time each week to meal plan allows me to put together eating ideas that are good for my gut and whatever else is happening that week. Meal planning allows me to think less about food. Meal planning also reduces stress in my life because I’m not scrambling to decide what’s for dinner…I already have options pulled and I have the ingredients for those options. 

This is where Friendly Nutrition comes in. Using a non-diet approach paired with the science of nutrition, the belief that diets don’t work, a passion for meal planning as a life tool, and a trust that your body can tell you what it needs, Friendly Nutrition aims to help you discover a sustainable, joyful, and balanced way to eat well and live well.


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Fun Facts

A few random tidbits about me:

I’m a mountain girl at heart with roots firmly planted in Western North Carolina.

I ran my first half marathon in 2015 and sixteen 5ks, one 10k, one 15k, and 5 half marathons later, I’m still going. Running keeps me sane.

Disney World is my happy place. I love polka dots and Minnie Mouse.

I once crawled under a car (literally…right up under the car…and I don’t do well with small, confined spaces) to rescue a little black kitten. She lives with me now.

I have a Peloton bike. I love it. Find me @Go_JesO_Go.

If you really want, I can teach you how to can food, make your own jams and jellies, do some pickling, and create a fabulous homemade salsa.

Professional Bio

Education, credentials, and other important stuff.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
  • Completed FODMAP training with Monash University
  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Chair-Elect of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group
  • Worked in many settings as a dietitian

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