Meal Planning – Week 6

Well, I didn’t get to everything that I wanted to make last week but that’s okay. I ended up rolling one recipe from last week to this week!


  • Blueberry Waffles, Scrambled Eggs, Fruit
  • Smoothies


  • Leftovers
  • English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches, Fruit


  • Chili Lime Chicken & Black Bean Cauliflower Bowls (this is the meal that I didn’t get to last week)
  • Crispy Breaded Pork Chops, Mac & Cheese, Salad (you can find the recipe for the pork chops here)
  • Sweet & Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwiches, Salad (the waffle sandwiches are from one of my Disney cookbooks)
  • Pot Roast (I use this recipe as a base recipe and add in my own things)

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