Meal Plan: Week 7

If you’ve been watching the news, then you know that where I live (Fort Worth, Texas) is in quite the situation right now. We are in a winter storm that is not normal for Texas. There is snow everywhere. The river is iced over and snow covered. The wind chill has been -20 at times. It’s a struggle to keep my old house warm. It’s my personal mission to keep the pipes from freezing (the cold water to the kitchen sink froze briefly but I got that taken care of with a hair dryer dropped through a hole in the floor where the pipes come in). Needless, to say, meal planning this week has been a bit different. The goal is to use what we have so here’s what I’m creating from what we have.


  • Yogurt & granola (still have some granola and yogurt from last week’s meal plan)
  • Bagels (bagels have been in the freezer so gonna use them up)
  • Egg scrambles (I always have eggs…one time, I let myself run out of eggs and it was not a pleasant experience)


  • Leftover chili (we made a batch of chili and plan on eating it all) – chili mac & cheese (mac & cheese is leftovers); chili potatoes; chili
  • Charcuterie boards (I have a bunch of random items that can be used to turn create charcuterie boards)


  • Meatballs with pasta (there’s pasta in the pantry and ground bison in the freezer)
  • Burrito bowls (I’ve got some cod in the freezer and then there’s black beans and rice in the pantry; pair this with some salsa and ta-da, you’ve got a burrito bowl)
  • Breakfast for dinner (see comment above about eggs)
  • Grilled cheese & fruit (there’s some fruit around here that needs to be eaten; there’s some frozen bread if I run out of unfrozen bread and I always have cheese)

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