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Get started on your personalized, non-diet approach to figuring out how to eat well, feel well, and live well for your gut and your body!

Are you overwhelmed by all of the nutrition advice that you can find on the internet?

Are you tired, frustrated, and mad about the nutrition misinformation that exists?

Do you struggle to figure out what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat?

Does it feel like your life is consumed with food – thinking about food, shopping for food, eating food, worrying about what food is going to do to your body?

Are you worried your food choices are going to trigger some yucky and embarrassing gut issues?

Do you feel like the foods you eat aren’t helping you feel well?

Do you want to bring some peace, knowledge, calm, and ease to your relationship with food?

    If you yelled YES, then Friendly Nutrition is here for you!

    Friendly Nutrition is here to help you…

    Ditch the stress and anxiety that comes with food choices.

    Learn what foods work well for your body so that you feel energized and healthy.

    Figure out what foods trigger your gut issues so that you can live well.

    Enjoy meal planning in a way that brings calm and saves you time.

    Be friends with your food because it is there to nourish your body.

    Understand how what you eat, when you eat, and how you much you eat can work for you instead of against you.

    Find a peaceful, balanced, joyous relationship with food so that you can eat well for your body and feel well!



      Intuitive Eating & Nutrition Coaching

      Break free from diets for good, learn skills to apply intuitive eating to your life, heal your relationship with food through this 3-month personalized nutrition coaching package.

      Nutrition Coaching for Gut Health

      Figure out what’s triggering your digestive discomfort and figure out the right combination of diet and lifestyle strategies to manage your symptoms with this 4-month nutrition coaching package.

      Flexible Meal Planner Membership


      Learn how to meal plan in a way that nourishes your body, makes you feel good, incorporates your favorite foods, and is flexible for your life.

      Feel Empowered

      I worked with Jessica for about a year and I really benefited from her intuitive eating approach. I had previously had a very negative and dysfunctional relationship with food. With Jessica I learned how to listen and trust my body when it came to food and eating. I learned to take shame and negative emotions and separate them from my eating habits. I had a history of binge eating and I feel I've made great progress by learning aspects of intuitive eating. I feel so much more empowered and emotionally relaxed about my relationship with food.

      - JH

      Learn to love meal planning

      I am so grateful that Jessica helped me work through gut issues including histamine intolerance. I honestly don't know what I would have done if she didn't listen to me describe what was happening to me and explain what sensitivity to histamine was and how to control it. She gave me lists of low histamine foods and recipes so that I could get my histamine levels back in check. Jessica also taught me the value of meal planning. I have started to love doing a moderate level of meal prepping and meal planning.

      - SB

      Heal your relationship with food

      After decades of yo-yo dieting Jessica helped me heal my relationship with food. This spilled over into my families nutrition. Helping educate my little ones on how to listen to their bodies. Working with Jessica was a gift to myself and my family

      - AB

      hi friends!


      I’m a registered dietitian, certified intuitive eating coach, and trained FODMAP coach.

      I love to talk about food. I enjoy cooking.  I firmly believe that meal planning is an excellent tool for finding balance, calm, and joy in eating. I think a non-diet approach is the best way to approach food and nutrition. I didn’t start here. It’s been a struggle (and sometimes still is because I’m human) but it’s what led me to starting Friendly Nutrition – so I can help you create a peaceful and happy relationship with food, help you heal your gut, and help you find balance, peace, and joy in eating.



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      four steps to success

      Let’s chat:

      Free intro call

      We’ll start with a free 20-minute intro call. Here we’ll chat about what led you to wanting to work with a dietitian, we’ll briefly discuss your food and health goals, and we’ll explore how my approach might fit with your goals.

      Session #1:

      Initial Nutrition Assessment

      This first session is all about learning who you are. What are your goals? What have you tried in the past to achieve these goals? What’s your food and body history?

      Ongoing support:

      Follow-up sessions

      Follow-up sessions happen every other week. As we move through your follow-up sessions, we’ll keep moving toward your goals. You’ll build skills during these sessions so that you get to eat great food and feel your best!

      You’ve got this:

      Live your best life

      You’ve met some of your goals, are close to meeting other goals, and have set additional goals. You feel secure in your food choices. You feel good. Additional nutrition sessions happen as needed because Friendly Nutrition is always here to support you.

      Questions? Check the FAQ or contact me.


      Get started

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