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Do you dread hearing “what’s for dinner?”

Does the thought of meal planning each week feel overwhelming and exhausting?

Does meal planning seem too complicated to tackle each week?

Do you struggle putting together healthy, balanced meals?

Do you want to spend less time meal planning and more time with family and friends?

    If you yelled YES, then Friendly Nutrition is here for you!

    Friendly Nutrition has meal planning guides that are created for you. All of the meal planning guides…

    Are easy and simple.

    Include ingredients that you’ll be able to find in your local market.

    Are full of recipes that (typically) take 30 minutes or less.

    Include meal ideas, a grocery list, and all recipes.

    Are ready for you to start using them today!


      Feel Empowered

      I worked with Jessica for about a year and I really benefited from her intuitive eating approach. I had previously had a very negative and dysfunctional relationship with food. With Jessica I learned how to listen and trust my body when it came to food and eating. I learned to take shame and negative emotions and separate them from my eating habits. I had a history of binge eating and I feel I've made great progress by learning aspects of intuitive eating. I feel so much more empowered and emotionally relaxed about my relationship with food.

      - JH

      Learn to love meal planning

      I am so grateful that Jessica helped me work through gut issues including histamine intolerance. I honestly don't know what I would have done if she didn't listen to me describe what was happening to me and explain what sensitivity to histamine was and how to control it. She gave me lists of low histamine foods and recipes so that I could get my histamine levels back in check. Jessica also taught me the value of meal planning. I have started to love doing a moderate level of meal prepping and meal planning.

      - SB

      Heal your relationship with food

      After decades of yo-yo dieting Jessica helped me heal my relationship with food. This spilled over into my families nutrition. Helping educate my little ones on how to listen to their bodies. Working with Jessica was a gift to myself and my family

      - AB

      hi friends!


      I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist with a passion for meal planning.

      I love to talk about food. I enjoy cooking.  I firmly believe that meal planning is an excellent tool for reaching your health and wellness goals. However, I also know that meal planning can feel overwhelming and tedious and this is why Friendly Nutrition exists. Friendly Nutrition is here to help you make meal planning simple, easy, and quick!



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